The Importance of Mindfulness

Why Is Practicing Mindfulness Important?

Why don’t we fit?

Saving the nation’s health

  • Improve mental health across the UK
  • Increase creativity and productivity in the economy
  • Help those suffering from long-term health conditions

Mindfulness holds the solution

So, what is this thing called mindfulness?

How does mindfulness help?

20+ Empirically Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

The benefits of mindfulness

Psychological benefits



Cognitive benefits



Physical benefits


Immune function

Can Mindfulness Change Your Brain?

Grow who you want to be

So, what changes in the brain?

3 Benefits of Mindfulness in Schools

  • Improving academic results
  • Increasing children’s mental health
  • Fostering resilience and character building

Is It Important in the Workplace?

A Take-Home Message



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